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The importance of Liver-care for Women During the Spring Season

We are halfway through another spring, have you been out for an adventure yet?

From the perspective of  Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), wood, fire, earth, metal, and water, these five elements correspond to the four seasons and five organs.Spring is corresponding to wood/liver energy. It represents expansion, exploration, and connection. The “Simple Questions” says: “The liver is like an army’s general from whom the strategy is derived”.  It governs the five internal organs. So, at this time of the year, regulating the liver essence is helpful to nourish the entire body.

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Do you know “women are based on the liver” ?

A well-known physician from Qing Dynasty, Ye Tianshi, once mentioned in his book Clinical Guidelines and Medical Records:女子以肝为先天, translated into English means: for women, liver is as vital as their prenatal essence. Therefore, the liver plays an important role in women's physiology and pathology. 

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Liver stores blood, supplies the regular menstruation, ensures great energy for physical activities. It regulates emotions, affected by anger, stress, depression, and also has a close relationship with the Chong and Ren meridians,  which are directly related to female reproductive physiological performance. Menstruation, pregnancy, and childbirth are all around the liver. Meanwhile, numerous gynaecological disorders are impacted by disturbed liver qi flow, liver blood deficiency ,qi or blood stagnation. 

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However, here is a fun fact: you might not believe, in  APA’s October 2023 Stress in America survey, it shows, over 3,000 adults, women are highly affected by stress compared with men, 5.3 versus 4.8 out of 10. 27% Women also rated stress level as 8 to 10, while 21% men had the common rating. If you are related, it  is the time to check up with your liver!

Book an appointment with R.Ac Jenny You, find out how to feel great again this spring!

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