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Thai Yoga Massage Practitioner

Michael Lavian is a certified Thai yoga massage practitioner through Spiritwind Internal Arts. He has been studying and practicing Eastern arts and healing methods for, as of now, nine years. Michael holds an Honours Bachelor of Arts from the University of Toronto in political science and philosophy. He is also a certified NFPA Level I & Level II firefighter. Michael briefly served in the Canadian Armed Forces as a reservist in the medical unit 25 Field Ambulance. He plans to continue his service after completing his intensive studies in traditional Chinese medicine at the Ontario College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Michael is a senior student and member of Golden Harmony Martial Arts & Wellness Club, under the guidance of Grand Master Rupert Harvey. Michael has taught qigong, meditation, and martial arts at the University of Toronto and continues to share his martial arts and healing methods with his clients. Furthermore, Michael is a practitioner of Zen Buddhism and is a member of the Zen Buddhist Temple in Toronto, Canada.

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